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Wood captures first Sooner Sprint victory at Enid

Travis Barnard photo

story by John Rittenoure - ENID, Okla. (July 24, 2021) - There was no stopping Danny Wood from becoming the sixth different Sooner Sprint Series winner Saturday at Enid Speedway.

The veteran racer from Norman drove his Midwest Wrecking, Total Trucking sprinter into an early lead and set a fast pace around the 3/8’s mile Enid oval. Austin Shores gave chase but he was soon challenged by Sheldon Barksdale who won at Enid on June 5. Midway through the race Barksdale finally got around Shores and set out after Wood.

In the final laps Wood encountered lapped traffic and Barksdale was able to close some ground. As Barksdale closed in time ran out and Wood crossed the finish line first with Barksdale settling for second. Shores held on to third over Alison Slaton in fourth.

The next Sooner Sprint Series event is scheduled for Monarch Motor Speedway on August 28.

Sooner Sprint Series Results

Enid Speedway, Enid, Okla.

July 24, 2021

HEAT 1 (8 Laps)

1, 55-Danny Wood. 2, 18-Austin Shores. 3, 6-Alison Slaton. 4, 20S-Sheldon Barksdale. 5,

51-Ryan Dean. 6, 23K-Mike Kleymann. 7, 21P-Justin Patocka. 8, 50-Cody Whitworth. 9, 5X-

Paul Johnson. (DNS).

A FEATURE (20 Laps)

1, 55-Danny Wood. 2, 20S-Sheldon Barksdale. 3, 18-Austin Shores. 4, 6-Alison Slaton. 5,

50-Cody Whitworth. 6, 23K-Mike Kleymann. 7, 51-Ryan Dean. 8, 5X-Paul Johnson. 9, 21P-

Justin Patocka.

Travis Barnard photo

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