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Barksdale wins at Monarch, becomes first repeat Sooner Sprint winner

by John Rittenoure - WICHITA FALLS, Texas (August 28, 2021) - Sheldon Barksdale became the first Sooner Sprint Series repeat winner Saturday at Monarch Motor Speedway.

The win earned Barksdale $1,200 from a purse that paid $366-to-start.

Barksdale, who won earlier this season at Enid Speedway, raced into the early lead with Sterling Hoff and Whit Gastineau in tow. On lap two Gastineau roared past Hoff and began his pursuit of Barksdale.

Gastineau stayed close and almost gave up the lead midway of the race a car exiting the track got in the way. However Barksdale continued to lead the rest of the way for the win leaving Gastineau with second. Pole sitter Sterling Hoff, who led the opening lap, held on to third.

Sooner Sprint Series

Monarch Motor Speedway - Wichita Falls, Texas

August 28, 2021

HEAT 1 (8 Laps)

1, 20S-Sheldon Barksdale. 2, 39-Sterling Hoff. 3, 29S-Blake Scott. 4, 2C-Whit Gastineau. 5,

B52-Brayden Voigt. 6, 50-Cody Whitworth. 7, 62-James Shoun. 8, 2L-Brandon Leland.


1, Sterling Hoff. 2, Whit Gastineau. 3, Sheldon Barksdale. 4, Blake Scott. 5, Cody Whitworth. 6,

Brayden Voigt. 7, Brandon Leland. 8, James Shoun. (DNS).

A FEATURE (20 Laps)

1, 20S-Sheldon Barksdale. 2, 2C-Whit Gastineau. 3, 39-Sterling Hoff. 4, 29S-Blake Scott. 5,

50-Cody Whitworth. 6, B52-Brayden Voigt. 7, 2L-Brandon Leland. 8, 62-James Shoun. (DNS).

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