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Clevenger outruns field for Sooner Sprint win at Oklahoma Sports Park

Photo by Joey Perry

by John Rittenoure - ADA, Okla. (April 10, 2021) - Loyd Clevenger was not sure how well he would run on 4/10 mile oval at Oklahoma Sports Park, but he soon found out. Clevenger jumped into the lead on the start and led all 15 laps to win the Sooner Sprint Series feature on Saturday.

Clevenger opened up a comfortable lead with Gary Owens trying to keep pace. Owens could not get close enough to challenge and finished second.

Brandon Jennings had to turn back Sheldon Barksdale to finish third. On lap 11 Barksdale briefly passed Jennings in turn two only to give it back. The next lap they battled again with Jennings winning the third place race for good. Barksdale was fourth ahead of Paul Johnson in fifth.

Sooner Sprint Series Results

Oklahoma Sports Park, Ada, Okla.

April 10, 2021

Heat 1 (8 laps) - 1, 80-Loyd Clevenger; 2, 33-Gary Owens; 3, 20S-Sheldon Barksdale; 4, 21-Brandon Jennings; 5, 5X-Paul Johnson; 6, 2C-Whit Gastineau.

A Feature (15 laps) - 1, 80-Loyd Clevenger; 2, 33-Gary Owens; 3, 21-Brandon Jennings; 4, 20S-Sheldon Barksdale. 5, 5X-Paul Johnson. DNS: Whit Gastineau.

Top 10 Standings: 1, Loyd Clevenger 130; 2, Danny Smith 129; 3, Gary Owens 124; 4, Dean Drake, Jr. 123; 5, Jett Hays 120; 6, Brandon Jennings 117; 7, Sheldon Barksdale 115; 8, Alison Slaton 112; 9, Kevin Ramey 111; 10, Chris Kelly 111.

Photo by Joey Perry

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